2019 Research Taking Shape at MBFI

Busy times at MBFI

2019 Research Taking Shape at Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives

Brookdale, MB (May 27, 2019) --The upcoming beef and forage research season is indeed heating up fast at the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative (MBFI).

Mary-Jane Orr, MBFI general manager, says the MBFI team can’t wait to get research rocking and rolling again at the three MBFI demonstration and research farms near Brandon, MB.

 “It has been a busy winter reviewing and preparing projects to be implemented this season, and we at MBFI continue to be impressed by the hard work and commitment of innovative producers and project leads to address needs in beef and forage sectors,” says Orr. “The whole team at MBFI is excited for the start of the 2019 research field season. We are looking forward to working with a diverse mix of researchers and project leads from multiple regional universities, AAFC Research and Development Centres, Manitoba Agriculture, and for the first time MBFI will be leading our own projects based on submitted producer ideas!” 

The 2019 MBFI research season will be the first under Orr’s leadership after taking the helm of the organization last fall. Orr, a Brandon University graduate with a PhD by way of Purdue University, says MBFI is ready to make a mark on the Prairies.

“MBFI is a centre of agricultural innovation engaging in science-based research to benefit valuable ecosystems, improve producer profitability and build social awareness around the beef and forage industry,” says Orr. “On that front, we are excited to host in collaboration with our partners an ambitious research platform in 2019 at MBFI.”

Orr says different studies will vary on a wide range of topics including how to extend the grazing season, grazing alternative feedstocks, and assessing the soil health impacts of adaptive grazing management at MBFI, a partnership between Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Beef Producers, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association.

Additionally, Orr says, the research direction and activities of MBFI indirectly support the Province of Manitoba’s Protein Strategy, and directly support Province of Manitoba’s Livestock Growth Strategy.

“We at MBFI are thankful for the Province of Manitoba's support though the Canadian Agricultural Partnership investment to support research, innovation, and the knowledge and technology transfer necessary to realize the growth potential of Manitoba's forage and beef industries,” says Orr. “We also appreciate the commitment of our other three core partners: MBP, DUC and MFGA and our vital volunteer members of our MBFI board and research advisory boards.”


For More Information: Mary-Jane Orr, MBFI GM, cell: 431-255-0011 and email: mary.jane.orr@mbfi.ca