Johnson Site Resources


Infrastructure and Capacity

The Johnson Farm is located in the south half of 31-10-18W, along Lori Road, 1 mile east of Brandon. It shares its western border with First Street pasture, and is a half mile south of Highway #1.

The Johnson Farm (formerly the AAFC’s Beef Research Farm) has an extensive, one-of-kind paddock system in Canada, which is designed to provide the ideal location for performing complex, large-scale grazing research studies. The 320 acres of pasture are divided into an east and west half: the west half of the farm has 12 larger pastures between 10-15 acres, which can be further sub-divided into 3 acre paddocks. The east half of the farm has 32 smaller paddocks that are 4.5 acres each, that can be further subdivided into 1 acre paddocks. All are intended for replicated research projects.

The amenities at this site include a 30’ x 70’ lean-to style cattle shelter, a 42’ x 60’ cattle handling facility with a heated laboratory, a 23’ x 33’ heated shop and washroom, and a 30’ x 100’ canvas event and storage shed.  The cattle handling facility has a portable chute/scale/tub system, portable steel panels with multiple pens for sorting, portable wind breaks, and feed and forage handling equipment. The farm also has Wi-Fi available throughout the farm yard.

Our extensive summer watering system delivers water to 1 acre paddocks in the east half, and 3 acre paddocks on the west half. Our winter watering system delivers water to 1-4.5 acre paddocks on the east half, and 11-15 acre paddocks on the west half of the farm.

Plans for this site include the construction of a 9’ x 25’ mobile laboratory trailer, useable year-round, that includes some equipment for sample processing, sleeping quarters for three, and a 3-piece bathroom. The trailer will be made available for rent by all academics, to use onsite and offsite.

At MBFI we encourage and support project collaboration with academic researchers, so even if an area has an ongoing project already, there may be opportunities to expand its use. That is assuming the proposed projects don’t have conflicting objectives, and there is ongoing communication between project leads. During the winter of 2016-2017, half of eastern paddocks were successfully used for two University of Manitoba research projects.

Hay land

Just across Lori Road to the south of the Johnson Farm there are 91 acres of hay land. The purpose of this hay land is to provide feed for the cattle on site; either owned by MBFI or on research trials.