First Street Site Resources


Infrastructure and Capacity


The First Street Pasture is a 426-acre Crown Lands pasture located at 36-10-19 W. The site is on the eastern edge of the City of Brandon, sharing its southern border with the Assiniboine Community College North Campus, its eastern border with Brandon’s 1st Street, and its north border with Highway #1. The 400 acre pasture is surrounded by a barbed five-wire perimeter fence and cross-fenced with one-strand electric fence into 10 smaller paddocks for rotational grazing. A summer watering system, fed by an onsite well, provides summer water to each paddock. This well also supplies year-round water to a Pederson winter watering bowl in the south end. The site contains cattle holding pens and a portable handling facility with a chute, crowding tub and scale. Twenty-six acres provide hay for winter feed.