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Brookdale Site Resources

The Brookdale site is located 11 miles North of Brandon, at the corner of Highway #10 and Road 353. It is a 640-acre section of land (31-12-18W) owned by Ducks Unlimited Canada. Approximately 240 acres are wetlands, and the remaining 400 acres are used for pasture, hay, and cropland. Brookdale also includes a Learning centre, and a hoop barns for equipment/hay storage and large extension events. Amenities: Internet, Phone and Wifi

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First Street Site Resources

The First Street Pasture is a 426-acre Crown Lands pasture located at 36-10-19W. The site is just east of Brandon and south of Highway #1. Four-hundred of the acres are pastures for grazing, and there is also a 26-acre hay field. The pasture is surrounded by a five-wire perimeter fence and cross-fenced with one-strand electric fence into smaller pastures for rotational grazing. Summer pasture pipe has been installed to reach each of the pastures.


Johnson Site Resources

The Johnson site is located in the south half of 31-10-18W, just to the east of Brandon and south of Highway #1. Currently the Johnson site (formerly the AAFC’s Beef Research Farm), has ten pastures (10- to 15-acres each) and 33 paddocks (3- to 5-acres each). All are intended for replicated research projects. During the winter of 2016-2017, the paddocks on the north half of the site will be used for two U of M research projects. Currently, these projects are ongoing, but the North paddocks will also become available in 2017-2018. Johnson also includes a hoop barns for equipment/hay storage and large extension events Amenities: Internet, Phone, Wifi