Research Priorities 

Priorities were gathered and ranked from input by industry associations, researchers and producers. These priorities will be adapted to emerging issues and needs. The projects should align with, but are not limited to the guiding priorities.

To benefit the beef and forage industries whenever possible the economic and profitability implications of the project should be defined and measured. Projects combining economic implications and multiple priorities will score more favorably. 

The priorities are ranked as follows:

1. Forage and Grassland Productivity - Develop new forages or forage management strategies that address forage agronomy concerns and productivity (both yield and quality). Develop tools / methodologies for improving forage and grassland productivity including, soil health and landscape biodiversity monitoring.

2. Nutrition and Feed Efficiency - Develop tools / methodologies to create beef and forage production management strategies that increase feed efficiency. For example, through improved animal performance (e.g. feed conversion, longevity, selection) or by developing tools to improve selection of feed sources that improve the producer’s ability to capture more profit from herd.

3. Environmental Sustainability - Develop tools / methodologies for producers to build sustainable farm management strategies that improve their ability to remain profitable in tandem with environmental requirements (e.g. water quality, nutrient management), and/or to remain profitable when faced with adverse environmental conditions (e.g. flood, drought).

4. Animal Health and Welfare - Develop tools / methodologies for producers to proactively address current and forecasted animal health concerns, improved cattle handling practices, and implementation of the updated Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle (2013) to address market requirements and consumer confidence

5. Beef Quality - Develop tools / methodologies for producers to track and capture more value from the carcass through improved beef quality and herd selection.

6. Food Safety - Develop tools / methodologies for producers to improve food safety and encourage market access of beef produced in Manitoba.

MBFI Call for Proposals

The deadline is March 22nd, 2019 at 4:30 PM.

Call for proposals is targeted to promote Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiative priority areas and attract resources to address research and extension demand. It is important that the research and extension projects conducted at MBFI address knowledge gaps and challenges in Manitoba’s beef and forage production sectors. Special attention will be given to the goal of improving collaboration between beef and forage researchers and extension staff, and to ensuring the efficient use of available resources while remaining flexible to evolving sector needs.

Project information and results are to be communicated to producers using techniques that are designed to improve adoption rates. Findings will also be extended to the general public, policy makers, and the media to engage informed decision making regarding the beef and forage industries.

The purpose of this call is to gather potential project proposals that fit the priorities of this initiative as defined in the 2019 MBFI Project Proposal Application. Please see Information for Researchers under the Research tab on MBFI’s website for proposal templates.

Please note: With the transition to Canadian Agricultural Partnership program MBFI no longer administers a fund of research monies. MBFI offers access to research and demonstration staff and resources through user fees and collaborative in-kind support to successful applications.

Please direct comments and questions to: