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Infrastructure and Capacity

The Johnson site is located in the south half of 31-10-18W, just to the east of Brandon and south of Highway #1.

Currently the Johnson site (formerly the AAFC’s Beef Research Farm), has ten pastures (10- to 15-acres each) and 33 paddocks (3- to 5-acres each). All are intended for replicated research projects. During the winter of 2016-2017, the paddocks on the north half of the site will be used for two U of M research projects. Currently, these projects are ongoing, but the North paddocks will also become available in 2017-2018.

At MBFI we encourage and support project collaboration, so even if an area has an ongoing project already, there may be opportunities to expand its use. That is assuming the proposed projects don’t have conflicting objectives, and there is ongoing communication between project leads.

The amenities at this site include a lean-to style cattle shelter, a cattle handling facility made with portable steel panels with multiple pens for sorting, an extensive summer watering system, two permanent winter waterers, a crowd tub, chute, scale and portable wind-fence. The shop (20' x 36’) located at this site has been recently insulated and has a small office and washroom.

Plans for this site include a covered handling facility, an expanded winter watering system, and a mobile lab unit.

The plan for the mobile lab unit is a 10' x 30' ft trailer that will house a bathroom, kitchenette, as well as the laboratory equipment. The trailer will be winterized as well as air-conditioned.

Hay land

Just south of the Johnson research site there are 91 acres of hay land. The purpose of this hay land is to provide feed for the cattle on site; either owned by MBFI or on research trials. Potentially, this hay land could also be used for research purposes. The land is in a leafy spurge area, and, therefore, special precautions are taken to ensure that the hay from this land does not move outside of the leafy spurge area.

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